May 27, 2009

Spring Soccer

This is Harrington's 3rd season playing soccer. He's not perfect at it, but he loves to go out and play. He's learning to assist in goals instead of trying to make them all himself. I am so proud of him and his willingness to give it his all.

When Odelia and I get bored we take photos of ourselves, not that we ever get bored at a game.

May 26, 2009

Abe's Wedding

My husband's little brother tied the knot this last weekend. We drove 7 hours round trip all in one day, it was a little crazy. The kids did great though, Eliza even took a bottle for the first time. The weather was great and the bride was beautiful, can't ask for much more.

May 19, 2009

Eliza's Blessing Picture

Recently Eliza went to get JCPenny's to have her Blessing picture taken. Here is the website access code and album number you need:
Name : Jami Ray
Access Code: LTPP0657109398JCP
For Album :2009-05-04 12:04

She looks super cute!!

May 11, 2009

Only a 3 yr old would say

On Sunday they were passing the sacrament and Odelia wanted to know if they were going to pass some cheese. Apparently she was hungry. I had to try hard to control erupting laughter.

A Happy Mothers Day!

My husband and kids made the wall art, Harrington & Odelia made the necklace and Harrington made me the cookie. Odelia made me a cookie too, but then she ate it. We were at Michaels (craft store) and she was in need of a sweet snack so I told the kids they could eat the cookies, Harrington insisted that the cookie was mine. So this afternoon I will enjoy it with a glass of milk. I had a great mothers day, crapes for breakfast, a tomato plant from church, a nap and steak & pie for dinner. I am well loved.

May 4, 2009

A Name and a Blessing

Eliza was blessed this last Sunday, here are some pictures.

I love having my babies blessed, Zeb always does a such a good job. I love to hear what Heavenly Father wants to bless these sweet children with. Eliza did great, she didn't cry or spit up or have apoopy diaper. I even made it through church without having to nurse her, which was great since my dress wasn't nursing friendly. All in all it was a great day.