November 19, 2008

Metro Station Concert
In The Venue 11/18

Okay so last night Zeb and I went and saw Metro Station. I checked them out and their music seemed pretty "poppish" with some electronica from the 80's ala Pet Shop Boys meets pop. Well they rock pretty hard live. There was no where to sit and the bathrooms in the venue were awful. Don't even get me started on the bathrooms. However Zeb was totally surprised that we were going for his birthday and he had a great time. Lets just say I tried to enjoy myself and not make dirty faces at the band when their language was lets just say, not what I have heard in a while. Their music was good as was the opening band, The White Tie Affair. The best part was that we got to park right out front of the venue, since most of the attendees were dropped off. 15 year old girls scream loud, really loud. At the end of the night I needed my bed and some Tylenol. It felt real late, but I was in bed by 10:30. I would love to say it rocked and I had the time of my life, but really it was great because Zeb loved it. He went to many concerts in his younger days and I think he loved reliving those memories. He probably would have gone in the front and got in the mosh pit, but have a wife who is 20 weeks pregnant we stood behind the sound guy. He even aked us to watch his station when he went to the bathroom. I think I got called mam like 5 times. Crazy. FYI if you have teenagers I would not let them attend a Metro Station concert. Too many f bombs for my approval, not in their songs, in between when they were just talking. They kept telling us to put our hands in the air and I told Zeb that I would only do it on the times they didn't curse when they asked us, total times that happend 2.

November 15, 2008

Random Ramblings

Okay so I haven't blogged since like forever ago. I am not sure who even reads my random thoughts. But hey it feels good to write. I've been busy lately, but nothing interesting enough to blog about. Just taking care of kids, and working on my Mary Kay business. So far everything has ran pretty good. I just need to get all my stuff organized. I am kinda putting it off because on Wednesday we find out whether we will have a boy or a girl. As soon as we know we will be moving the office in to the basement and working on the putting the nursery together. For those of you that know me, that involves painting of furniture, a new theme and quite a few trips to DI. Should be fun though. I will take pictures of the process. What that also means is that I start to feel guilty about my other kids rooms so I will be cleaning and organizing them too. Odelia will have to get a new dresser, as her dresser is the only changing table that I have. I really hope I am having a girl because I am so much better at decorating girls rooms. Anyhoo's it's off to the store. Zeb is turning the ripe old age of 27 on Thursday and I need to buy him a few things. We are pretty tight, but the dollar store is always fun. Love you all.