July 30, 2009

How to survive a Pre-School application with 6 kids in the office

First let me say don't try this at home, but if you must let me tell you my story so you can learn from my mistakes. Last week I tried to make it to the Head-start office to apply for pre-school for my 4 yr old. First time I tried was on Monday, my husband was home so I only had my daughter Odelia with me. Well some how I had the wrong address and wound up in the wrong city. I didn't have enough time to get to the right office before closing so I just went home. I made a second attempt at getting to the Head start office on Wednesday. This time with 3 of my babysitting kids, and all of my own kids. Grand total, 6 kids. I thought it would be easy because I had my older babysitting kids. I was wrong. When we got there I thought it was off to a nice start because I found a spot right up front to park. So I attempted to get the 5 big kids to hold hands and I pushed my daughter Eliza in her stroller. As soon as we got in the kids found their way to the play table and toys. First problem was 4 chairs, 5 kids. Then as I started to fill out the application my baby woke up so I tried to nurse her while filling out a 6 page form (with incredibly small writing). She wasn't having any of that and continued to fuss. So I started to bounce her and fill out my form (not my neatest writing). Meanwhile the kids are starting to fight over the toys, and 2 kids have to go to the bathroom. And did I tell you this is all happening in a 10 x 10 room that included me, 6 kids, 1 receptionist, 1 job applicant, 2 desks, 6 chairs and a child's table and 4 chairs. It was a little crowded, and the poor receptionist was trying to answer the phone and hear over the roar of the children. I must have looked very frazzled because the Head start administrator told me she didn't need me in her office and that she would call me later. I was grateful, having to move the heard in to her office would have been a nightmare. When we got to the car I noticed one of my kids and stolen Lego's, so I had to send er back in while I got the rest of the kids back in the car. As I was getting ready to put the baby in the car, someone locked the door. My oldest son couldn't figure out how to use the button, so he manually unlocked the door which set off the alarm as soon as I opened the door. This would have been okay except I now couldn't find my keys. The alarm went off three times before I found my keys. And Lucky for me I was parked directly in front of the office, so everyone that saw the fiasco inside now witnessed this event as well. I just laughed hysterically, it was that or cry uncontrollably so I chose to laugh.
Here is the wisdom I took from this event:
1. Offices with toys are to be avoided, they end in mess and loud fighting.
2. When going to an office with children, put them all in diapers, it saves on bathroom trips.
3. Wear keys on a Lanyard around your neck - would have solved the alarm problem
4. Check children's hands, pockets and backpacks when leaving an office with toys, you may come home with toys that aren't yours.
5. Last but not least, get someone to sit with your kids... your sanity will thank you.


renepainter said...

But Jamie...that wouldn't have been you....hmmmm soft!

Heather said...

That was so funny. Thank you for reminding me that my life is simple/

Debra Reynolds said...

I know that i should not tell you this but honestly it made me giggle. I dont know if i ever had six but i know i shopped with five kidlets the oldest being five and a half, the next three and a half the next two and a half and then two one years old. Just think though with what you did you know you can accomplish anything and for other moms who have two i say just stop whining and get creative. By the way the key lanyard is a life saver.